Pretzel Perfection Clusters

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It is nice to have guilt-free decadent treats on hand that everyone is sure to love. Whether you are attending a holiday soiree or having one yourself, Pretzel Perfection is making entertaining a bit easier with their delicious gluten-free Pretzel Clusters, a grown-up holiday snack.

Pretzel Clusters join the already popular Twice Baked Pretzel Sticks in the Pretzel Perfection product line. The Pretzel Clusters come in a variety of flavors including the ever-so-popular Salted Caramel, Pacific Trail, Spicy Cherry Pistachio, and the Ultimate – a blend of toffee and peanut butter.

The gourmet treats are gluten-free and delicious at the same time, designed to satisfy as much as they entice. Pretzel Perfection prides themselves on using the freshest ingredients, as well as making a product that is free of artificial flavors, colors, and preservatives.


I recently tried out the Eggnog Clusters. These pretzels are infused with white chocolate and eggnog spices. These were very delicious, similar to your classic chocolate covered pretzels, but these are much more fancier with a perfect hint of eggnog. Not overly sweet or salty….they were perfect! They were devoured in seconds. They had a very nice presentation of clusters with the white chocolate chips! I can only recommend.

Gratify Gluten Free Pretzels Giveaway

Osem USA Inc just launched a new line of gluten-free pretzels.  For those of us who have to eat gluten free, it is a welcome product on the market.  This new line is called Gratify and the first products from this line are pretzels.   The pretzels are wheat free, milk free, casein free, egg free, lactose free, and include non-gmo ingredients. The Yogurt Covered Twists and the Milk Chocolate Covered Twists do contain milk and soy and may contain traces of peanuts, tree nuts and egg.  I was excited to try this line of products.

IMG_0248The first product we tried were the Gratify Gluten Free Sesame Seed Thins. These nutty thins offer the traditional crunch of a pretzel in a shape that’s perfect for dips, spreads, and other creative toppings.  I’m not really fond of sesame seeds, but I was surprised and actually impressed by the light airiness of the pretzel with a hint of sea salt, and the sesame seeds gave it a perfect blend of nuttiness. It is a nice twist to plain pretzels.


Gratify Gluten Free Sea Salt Sticks and Gratify Gluten Free Sea Salt Twists taste just like gluten pretzels, but much better. I served a bag to family over the weekend and everyone asked what brand of pretzels they were, because they were very delicious. They were shocked to find out they were gluten free and preferred the gluten free Gratify product over their usual brand.  Shocking, I know!  Often times, gluten free products can be spotted a mile away.  Not these!!!

IMG_0256Gratify Gluten Free Salt Thins were just as good as the sticks and twists. The sea salt thins are flat and thin and light and airy to the taste.  They are rich in flavor and texture and make the perfect platform for cheeses, spreads, and dips of all kind.


Gratify Gluten Free Milk Chocolate Covered Twists had to be the favorite in the house. The chocolate actually tastes like real chocolate and doesn’t have that artificial taste that can sometimes give you that waxy feel on the roof of your mouth. It was the perfect blend of crunchy, sweet and salty.


Gratify Gluten Free Yogurt Covered Twists were very similar to the chocolate covered twists, but has a slight yogurt flavor to it. Actually, I’d almost say it tasted like a white chocolate covered pretzel, without it being overly sweet. Either way, they were delicious.

After trying the Gratify products, we are pleasantly surprised with the great taste of each bag. It is finally nice to add more of a variety to our gluten free diets without having to compromise our taste buds. All in all, Gratify Pretzels lived up to its name…… Absolutely gratifying!!!

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Sister Schubert Giveaway

Is it wrong to admit how much I love pretzel rolls? If not, they are sooooo yummmmy. Or to quote my children: “they are yummy in my tummy”. However, pretzel rolls are something that I have not been able to make in my own home till now that is.

Sister Schubert’s Homemade Rolls is bringing two long-time restaurant favorites home with the introduction of NEW Soft Pretzel Rolls and Mini Baguettes. Now you can bring the delicious flavor of soft pretzels or the bakery-fresh taste of artisan bread straight to your kitchen table! Ready in a little as 7 minutes, these rolls are a convenient addition to any meal. Plus they contain only the finest ingredients with no preservatives, artificial flavors and 0 grams trans fat. Sister Schubert’s NEW Soft Pretzel Rolls have a thin, slightly crisp outside and a soft, warm center. They are as good, if not better, than what you get in a restaurant. My kids and I LOVED them! I loved how quick and easy it was to make them too!

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