Stacy’s Pretzel Thins

Stacy’s brand recently introduced a new line of baked snacks that offer a fun and tasty twist on everyday snacking. Stacy’s Pretzel Thins are made using their time honor approach that they call “the Stacy’s way”. This includes carefully selected high quality ingredients such as sea salt and organic honey. They also contain no artificial colors or flavors.

Combining classic pretzel flavor with a thin and crispy texture, Stacy’s Pretzel Thins pair perfectly with gourmet cheese for a mid-day snack. We just used some regular block cheese and these pretzel thins were excellent!

The Simply Naked Flavor has the unique taste of seas salt. The Honey Dijon Flavor (which was our favorite) has a kick of Dijon mustard that is sweetened with organic honey. Both these flavor were excellent.

I can only highly recommend Stacy’s Pretzel Thins for all your snacking needs!

Gluten-Free Tortilla Chips from Pepperidge Farm

Screen Shot 2013-05-15 at 12.44.15 PM Have you heard the news of Pepperidge Farm’s first gluten-free addition to its Baked Naturals lineup – Simply Tortilla and Nacho Cheese Tortilla Chips? These chips are made with quality ingredients like stone ground corn and 16g whole grain per serving. Baked Naturals Tortilla Chips contain 43 percent less fat than the leading tortilla chip (4.5g total fat/28g serving compared to 8g total fat/28g serving).

Now, I’ve got a picky household when it comes to healthy stuff. My husband tends to not usually the baked chips and a lot of the time I have to agree. However, Pepperidge Farm hit the nail on the head with these chips. I never even got to try the Nacho Cheese Tortilla Chips! My kids and my husband ate them before I got a chance! I had to hide the Simply Tortilla chips, so I could try them! You know you’ve got good chips when you have to hide them so you can try them! This is one of the few things that I have reviewed that my husband has begged that I get more of! I love the Simply Tortilla Chips. I love that when I chip craving that I can have these and not feel guilty about it! They taste great too!

Gluten-Free Tortilla Chips from Pepperidge Farm are a great-tasting, wholesome addition to any house!

Sante Nuts

Who doesn’t like nuts? If you are looking for nuts with a twist, then Sante Nuts are definitely worth a try.

Sante Nuts are known for tasting fresh and crunchy (which I can agree with). How do they manage that? Well, their spice recipes use all natural quality ingredients. They also only buy the highest quality nut and roast them, by hand, in small batches. Lastly, they use a secret technique that minimizes the amount of oil the nuts absorb during the roasting process. Less oil means less fat, more crunch, and more nuts! Who doesn’t want any of that?

Here are their flavors:

Garlic Almond. Zesty garlic, cayenne and black pepper give these almonds their savory punch. A touch of pure cane sugar makes them irresistible. There is a definite kick to these!

Candied Pecans. These buttery mammoth pecan halves kissed with pure cane sugar are deliciously addictive.

Candied Walnuts. These creamy walnuts kissed with pure cane sugar are dreamily delectable.

Roasted Salted Pecans. Mammoth pecan halves roasted and salted to perfection.

All of these nuts are great. They make an awesome snack. If you are a nut lover, you have to check these out. You can get 25% any order buy using this coupon code: 2011-Blog-172. Happy Eating!

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