The No-Cook No-Bake Cookbook: 101 Delicious Recipes for When It’s Too Hot to Cook

The No-Cook No-Bake Cookbook: 101 Delicious Recipes for When It's Too Hot to Cook

The No-Cook No-Bake Cookbook is a full color recipe collection that will keep your stress level and kitchen temperature down! It is summer now, and it is hot, hot, hot! The last thing you want to do is heating up your kitchen and eating hot food!

The No-Cook No-Bake Cookbook has recipes for breakfast, entrees and desserts. Included are:

• Salmon Mango Ceviche
• Teriyaki Tofu Wraps
• Peach Prosciutto Salad
• No-Bake Lemon Cheesecake
• Tex-Mex Chipotle Beans
• Shrimp Tacos with Tomatillo Salsa
• Salami Pizza Stacks
• Moroccan Chicken Salad
• Roast Beef Wraps
• Blueberry Overnight Oats
• Fresh Fruit Smoothies

Hungry yet? All these recipes are fairly easy to make with easy found ingredients!


I am always on the lookout for good foods to give my kids. One of the prepackaged meals that I have found on the market are the GoPicnic meals. For me, they work great for cold lunch or car rides! However, they were originally designed as airplane food, so you can definitely see Julia’s (the inventor) inspiration. Prior to starting GoPicnic, Julia was responsible for conceiving, developing and launching United’s shelf-stable buy-on-board meal program and first class snackbox program, featured today on airlines worldwide. You can thank Julia for edible plane food! 🙂

This year at the Housewares show I attended, they showed nine new flavorful meals that run the gamete from gluten-free to vegan. All meals are well-balanced and under 500 calories.  The products include:

Tuna + Crackers (Gluten-Free)
Salmon + Crackers (Gluten-Free)
Hummus + Crackers (Gluten-Free, Vegan and Kosher)
Sunbutter + Crackers (Gluten-Free and Vegan)
Classic Deli
Salami + Crackers

Another great thing about GoPicnic products is that they contain no trans fats, high fructose corn syrup or added MSG, and no artificial colors or flavors.  We got to try the hummus and crackers meal and the turkey stick + crunch meal.  As a person trying to lose weight, I love that these are a meal that is low in calories.  If I need to, I can eat this on the go and not feel guilty.  Of the two meals, my kids like the Turkey Stick + Crunch Meal the best (however, I do know that the Turkey Pepperoni and Cheese would have went over very well with them!).  I love how everything is prepackaged for you, so if you don’t eat it all, you don’t have to worry about it going to waste (which is why I bring these on car trips!).  There is so much variety with their meals that you can definitely find one that you are going to like.

If you haven’t tried GoPicinic yet, what are you waiting for?

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I am always on the lookout for great snacks for my kids (and me too for that matter).  GoPicnic fits the bill for everyone in my family!  That box that you see has everything you need for a ready to eat meal no matter where you are — in the car, on a plane, or even at home!  No refrigeration or prep is required, and everything you need (including silverware) is in the box!  These are compact enough to slip into your purse, laptop bag, or whatever you are carrying at the time.  They contain no trans fats, no high fructose corn syrup, no added MSG, no artificial flavors or colors.  Each meal has a balance of protein, fruit, and fiber and even includes dessert (and is under 500 calories!).  There are even several varieties that are gluten free!  There is definitely a meal for everyone; they have everything from Tuna + Crackers to Turkey Pepperoni + Cheese to Salami + Crackers.

We took some of these on a car trip to Green Bay, and my kids loved them!  They loved the silverware in the boxes, they loved that all their food was in there, and the fruit snacks always go over well.  They were able to take care of their snack on their own (Will needed a little help, but Madison did alright all by herself with this).  These were a hit at my house.  (Just thought of another great use — lunch at camp this summer!  Way better than the normal brown bag lunch I normally send!)

GoPicnic is a great snack and/or meal for anytime.  I definitely recommend checking them out!