The Southern Po’ Boy Cookbook: Mouthwatering Sandwich Recipes from the Heart of New Orleans

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The Southern Po’ Boy Cookbook: Mouthwatering Sandwich Recipes from the Heart of New Orleans is the next best thing than going to New Orleans. One of the best sandwiches you can get from the south is a Po’ boy.

Po’boy sandwiches combine light and flaky french break with rich and hearty fillings. The Southern Po’ Boy Cookbook: Mouthwatering Sandwich Recipes from the Heart of New Orleans is a full color cookbook that will teach you some of the best Pp’ boys out there with its 50 easy to follow recipes. There is everything from Blackened Shrimp to Pecan Crusted Trout to Fried Alligator Tail.

If you want a great sandwich, this is a cookbook you need to get your hands on!

Kuhn Rikon Comfort Paring Knife Colori

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The Kuhn Rikon Comfort Paring Knife Colori is a must have knife in all kitchens. It is perfect for perfect for slicing cheese for your sandwich, peeling an apple for a snack or chopping vegetables for a salad. We just used it last night for BLTs! The Kuhn Rikon Comfort Paring Knife comes in different colors, so you can easily match your kitchen or your style.

The nonstick Japanese carbon steel blade means a super sharp edge and long lasting performance. The nonstick coating ensures foods will release from the blade making each cut easier and neater. The safety sheath helps keep sharp and protects the user when the knife is stored.

This is a great knife that I highly recommend!


IMG_1650Are you frustrated with your kids brown bagging their lunch and all the waste that is associated with that? There is nothing worse than seeing how many plastic baggies you go through a month when the kids are in school! (Or when you have a husband who takes their lunch every day!) That is where Wrap-N-Mat comes in.

Wrap-N-Mat Products are unique in that they are the original re-usable food wrap and placemat in one. They use a food grade plastic for our products because:

* the lining keeps more AIR OUT than fabric only- ultimately keeping the food fresher
* the lining is food safe, free of lead, phthalates, Bpa and PVC
* the lining is porous free so no food particles can get trapped in the fabric
* the lining wipes down easily after each use without having to be inverted to clean

As a mom, I love them. They are easy enough that both my kids can use them by themselves. I love that they are easy to keep clean. Most of all, they actually have boy designs! You wouldn’t think that would be a big deal, but finding non-girl things is actually a lot harder than you think! My kids also eat on their desks at school for lunch (we don’t have a cafeteria), so this helps keep the germs from their desks off their food!  I love that they come in various sizes, so that you can easily wrap a sandwich or some chips or some fruit!    I also love that they are made here in the US.

If you are trying to make taking your lunch less wasteful, definitely check out Wrap-N-Mat!