Weight Watchers Cheese

If you read my personal blog, you will know that I just lost 50 lbs (woohoo me!). In doing so, I have found ways to enjoy the food everybody else is eating, but do it with less calories (and not sacrificing taste either!). It can be so easy to over indulge during backyard barbeques. Before you hold the cheese on that burger, rest assured that it’s possible to enjoy your favorite foods without all the calories!

I recently was able to try some of the new Weight Watcher cheese. We even brought it a 4th of July party for others to taste also.  Here is what we tried:

  • Weight Watchers Jalapeno Pepper Gourmet Cheese Wedges – This spreadable cheese is perfect for spreading onto crackers, fruits, vegetables, bread and more as a quick, filling snack. Each rich and creamy wedge packs 2 grams of protein and 1 gram of fiber into just 30 calories, and has a PointsPlus® value of 1.
             This was Bill’s favorite mostly because he loves anything with jalapenos in it.
  • Weight Watchers Reduced Fat Whipped Strawberry Cream Cheese Spread – This decadent, fruity variety of the Original Weight Watchers Whipped Cream Cheese is the only one of its kind on the market – you won’t find reduced fat whipped strawberry cream cheese from anyone but Weight Watchers Cheese. With a fluffy, whipped consistency, each two-tablespoon serving has 60 calories, a PointsPlus value of 2, and is sure to freshen up the blandest of breakfasts.
             This is one of my favorites, because I love anything with strawberries.  Plus, it gives my plain bagels some flavor!
  • Weight Watchers Reduced Fat Whipped Onion and Chive Cream Cheese Spread – The new Weight Watchers Onion and Chive Spread is a savory whipped treat to enjoy at all times of the day, on bagels, sandwiches and more. It is also unique in its category – no one but Weight Watchers Cheese offers a reduced fat whipped onion and chive cream cheese. In a two-tablespoon serving, the spread has only 60 calories and a PointsPlusvalue of 2.
             We cheated and used this more as a snack than something to put on bagels!
  • Weight Watchers Reduced Fat American Singles – These individually-wrapped singles make it easy to enjoy the ooey-gooey goodness of melted cheese without all the fat and sodium of regular cheese singles. These singles are an excellent source of calcium with 25 percent of the recommended daily dose in every single along with 1 gram of fiber per single. Each slice has 45 calories and a PointsPlus value of 1.

This didn’t even make it to the 4th of July party.  We ate them at home.  We made cheese sandwiches, sub sandwiches, cheese and cracker sandwiches, etc with them!  I love cheese, and I love that they made this cheese,  so I can stay on my diet and actually eat it!

The number one comment we got yesterday was that everyone couldn’t believe that these cheese tasted as good as they did!  Everyone equated healthy with tasting terrible.  I am glad to see that Weight Watchers proved them wrong!  It is so nice to be able to find great tasting healthy food.  I know I am glad!

If you are looking for some great cheeses to check out, get the Weight Watchers cheese listed above!  They were all great!  You can also save $1 on on Weight Watchers cheese products by clicking this link and printing off the coupon:

What Color Is Your Smoothie?

I love Smoothies. My favorite are the ones with strawberries in them. However, I never realized how many different varieties you can make.

What Color Is Your Smoothie? has more than 300 smoothie recipes that are organized by color for relative vitamin and mineral benefit. What I love about this smoothie cookbook is that you can easily add in fruits and vegetables to your diet and it is so easy! Smoothies are an easy way to maximize your fruit and vegetable consumption.

There are just so many recipes to choose from. You can have everything from a Sweet Berry Swirl to a Sweet Spinach Smoothie to Great Garlic. There is just so many things you can make into a yummy smoothie. It even has a chapter that discusses things you can add in instead of thinks like milk. I also loved the chapter that tells you what the benefits of each food is. I didn’t know that strawberries were packed with vitamin C.

If you like smoothies, then What Color Is Your Smoothie? is a book you need to get your hands on!

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Weight Watchers Ice Cream

Who doesn’t like ice cream?  Who doesn’t like ice cream that tastes great and is less calories?  Okay, if you want to try a great ice cream product that tastes great and is lower calorie, the new Weight Watchers ice cream products are for you!

New Weight Watchers Dark Chocolate Dulcé de Leché Dessert Bars are a PointsPlus value 3.  Who knew you could get chocolate and caramel and still be low fat?  The ice cream is swirled with caramel and dipped in rich, dark chocolate coating.  You can’t go wrong at only 120 calories, 4.5 grams of fat and 0 grams trans fat. Offered in a package of 6.  I love these.  Of all the Weight Watchers ice cream products, this one is my favorite.  I can’t believe the amount of ice cream you actually get with this.

The Weight Watchers Strawberry Fruit Bar has a PointsPlus value of 2.  These low-fat strawberry fruit bars packed with real strawberries.  Only 70 calories, 0 grams of fat and each bar provides an excellent source of antioxidant Vitamin C. Offered in a package of 6.  I love strawberries, so I loved this too.  My kids enjoyed eating them.  As I said above, you get a lot of bar with these.  I am just so use to products getting smaller, and this is a great size and yummy.

Weight Watchers Strawberry Smoothie Bar  is the last great Weight Watchers Ice Cream product I got to try.  It has a PointsPlus value of 2.  This has all the creamy goodness of a strawberry smoothie, conveniently on a stick. Each bar is a luscious blend of low-fat strawberry frozen yogurt and real strawberries, and contains a mere 60 calories, 1 gram of fat and 0 trans fat. Also, a good source of Vitamin C. Offered in a package of 12.  This went over well with the kids, and mom liked it too!

I am impressed with the new line of Weight Watchers Ice Cream products.  They are better for your than most of the products on the market.  They are a great size and most importantly, they are good.  They passed the mom and kids test.  What more could you want?