Libby’s Back To The Table

I’m lucky that my kids are still little, so they have no choice that we have family dinners almost every night.  However, I know many families that family dinners have fallen to the wayside to the activities of their children.  I love that Libby’s has teamed to together with Sara Evans to get families to eat together again in a program called Get Back To The Table.  This site is awesome to help you get your family back into doing family dinners.

Don’t know what to make for supper tonight (This is me every night – lol)?  Libby’s has a CANvenient Recipe Database you can check out and find some great dinner recipes.  There are also coupons, mealtime strategies, the 5 reasons you should be having dinner together tonight, and even a Q&A with Sara Evans.  Did you know that between her and her husband they have nine kids!!!

Make sure you also check out the Get Back To The Table site also because they are running an awesome contest.  You can win dinner backstage with Sara Evans!  All you need to do is tell them how you get your family around the kitchen table!  (And if you have some good tips and hints, make sure you let me know too!)