Toastabags and More!

I am always on the lookout for products that make my life easier.  I have a found a few that are must gets for all of you!

The Toastabags are beyond easy! This has to be one of my most favorite products! First, you prepare your sandwich (or whatever you want to put in the bag. You can do pretty much anything you want as long as it fits in the bag! The packaging says you can even do chicken nuggets and french fries!). Now, I like to use this for grilled cheese myself. You then put your sandwich in the bag, and then place the bag in the toaster. When the bag pops up, your sandwich is done. You literally get a nice hot sandwich in the time it takes to toast a piece of bread! Seriously! The bags are reusable. (Now you can pick different levels of reusability. Some bags last for 50 uses. Some last 100 uses.) You can even put the bags in the dishwasher to clean them!

If you like a crispy crust pizza, you have to get the PizzaMesh. It allows your pizza to sit directly on the oven rack. That allows air to circulate around your pizza ensuring a crispy crust every time! It can withstands temperatures up to 260°C/500°F and is freezer, microwave and dishwasher safe! Bill won’t make a pizza without a Pizzamesh now!










The Quickachips Tray is another great product that we love here. It allows more even contact with the heat of the oven and therefore avoids soggy foods. As you can see from the pictures, we did french fries with it, and it was some of the best fries we’ve ever made. They were super crispy, and I cooked them at the least amount of time it said on the package! The quickachips tray is also great for BBQs and gives you control over your cooking:- no more losing kebabs, sausages or vegetarian food to the coals! The quickachips tray is freezer and dishwasher safe and withstands temperatures up to 260°C.

They have so many other great products, but I wanted to introduce you to these first few products that were definitely winners in my house.  These are great reusable products that we use often in my house!

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Kellogg’s® Eggo Bake Shop™ Mini Muffin Tops

eggo1Another great breakfast item to have in your house are the Kellogg’s® Eggo Bake Shop™ Mini Muffin Tops. We tried the blueberry variety, and it was a hit in my house. My kids literally could not shove these into their mouths fast enough.  They are super easy to make — literally pop into the microwave for about 12 seconds or pop into the toaster.  Each sheet gives you 4 mini muffing tops (which are the best part of the muffin!).

This is another great on the go breakfast.  They aren’t messy and are super good.  It is an easy way to get your kids to eat breakfast, and they won’t even realize it is good for them!

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Nature’s Path Breakfast Favorites

My kids love breakfast!  They love cereal.  However, mommy likes to mix it up a bit for them, so when I can find products out there that are both healthy and great tasting, I am very happy.  You wouldn’t think it would be hard to find products that encompass both those, but it is.

One of the things we recently tried in our house was waffles from Nature’s Path.  I personally am a waffle fan.  They are one of my personal favorite breakfast foods.  We tried both the Nature’s Path Gluten-Free HomeStyle Waffles and the Nature’s Path Flax Plus Red Berry Waffles.  Now, the berry waffles were eaten by my husband and kids before I even got to try one!  I got one bite when I was ripping it apart for Will.  Needless to say, these were very good since they were gone so fast.  I did get to try the gluten free waffles myself.  They too were good.  The one thing I noticed right off the bat is that when these waffles come out of the toaster, they are soft instead of crunchy.  I have never had waffles come out that way.  I think that made them even better.  It gave the waffles more taste.

The other breakfast good we got to try was Nature’s Path Hot Oatmeal. The two flavors we tried were Veri Berry™ and Chocolada Almond™. Again, these were huge hits in our house. Not only did they taste good, they even smelled good! I noticed when I took the bowls out of the microwaves that the oatmeal wasn’t all dried out like what normally happens with other brands. When I added the water to the oatmeal, there was no guessing on how much I needed to put in there for it to turn out perfect. Madison loves this oatmeal so much that she still asks for it all the time. The oatmeal is vegan and contains more than 25g of whole grains per serving.

Nature’s Path has several other breakfast foods. I recommend checking them out for all your breakfast needs. They are a huge hit in my house and they will be in yours too.