The Complete Idiot’s Guide Quinoa Cookbook

Ever wonder how to cook quinoa? Quinoa, a grain-like seed similar to rice, is a healthy staple food for vegetarians, vegans, gluten-free dieters, and anyone looking for a healthy superfood that is easy to make. The Complete Idiot’s Guide Quinoa Cookbook teaches readers how to properly cook and add a variety of delicious flavors and techniques to quinoa. Packed with over 250 recipes, the cookbook teaches readers how to make everything from quinoa pancakes to quinoa carbonara. The cookbook includes quinoa recipes for:

• Quick egg and griddle breakfasts
• Salads – vegetarian and meat-topped
• Sandwiches
• Soups, stews, and chilis
• Easy snacks and appetizers
• Quinoa dinner and desserts

The Complete Idiot’s Guide Quinoa Cookbook also includes cooking and baking tips for making the perfect quinoa every time, as well as the history and health benefits of this ancient seed. I personally loved that the majority of these recipes contain items you will find in your pantry or easily find at your local grocery store. I also love that each recipe lists servings, prep time, cook time, and calorie counts. As somebody who is trying to lose weight, the calorie counts alone make it one of my favorite cookbook. Plus, it has helped me cook a food I had no idea how to before!

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Vegan Junk Food

Bill’s cousin is vegan, so I knew that there was a vegan substitute for just about everything. However, I didn’t realize that you could make an entire cookbook out of it! Even better, Vegan Junk Food is about all the yummy food we love to snack. With 225 yummy (and animal friendly recipes), there is definitely something for everyone in here! Vegans crave salt, sugar, and comfort food just like the rest of us. Who doesn’t love Chocolate Mint Cookie Layer Cake or Deep Dish Hawaiian Pizza or Baked Donut Holes? There are just so many great food to pick from!

It was great to see that the Vegan lifestyle isn’t just eating tofu and broccoli. I think Vegan Junk Food will open the eyes of many people to Vegan eating and how good it can be!